Saturday, August 11, 2012


I think people need to remember that. Hardship is a part of life & therefore part of art. It's not just about pretty pictures.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

good things come in small packages

I have done at least a dozen paintings this week! ..and none of them were bigger than an index card >.<

I saw a painting a few weeks back where the artist had mixed neon gouache w/ watercolours to make more vibrant colours.. Gouache is definitely on my "someday when i have money again"  list... in the meantime, I still wanted to have bright watercolour effects.. So I've been painting w/ highlighters :)

It actually works pretty well, since highlighter ink is designed to be bright & transparent..

I scribbled the highlighters on a slick, plastic wrapper (so the ink wouldn't dry too fast) & just added some water with my paint brush. VoilĂ ! Neon watercolour ;)

I like it :)

Here are a few more of my tiny paintings..

i can't even remember everything i used... obviously highlighters..
highlighters & watercolour

mixed ACEO for my etsy shop 

little painting for a notebook page..

I did several more.. but they are presents and RAKs. and therefore top secret ;)