Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What I Made This Month

I wanted to share some of the random little things I've made in the last month or so :)

1. Rainbow Monsters Journalling Cards

2. Dragon ATC for my father                             3. Project Life embelishments

4. Shimmery Library Pockets                              5. ink doodle

6. MORE Alice in Wonderland cards

7. Rainbow Watercolour Days of the Week tags   8. Hello Kitty bracelet for my mum

9. Junk Mail Pockets    10. Cell Drawing (inspired by Chel at Ginger Blue)  11. Caligraphy Samples for my future sister in law :)

12. New Etsy Shop Banner!

13. February Calendar filled out!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Quick Project: Improvised Stencils

I've been trying to find some cheap stencils, but so far- no luck.

I have several packs of scrapbook paper which came with these sheets of diecut letters, so I thought I might try using them.

I coated them with gesso so they would be more durable, which was tricky to say the least. I tore the first sheet I tried to do this to.

On my second attempt, I put the sheet on some slick plastic, swiped on a light coat of gesso & then quickly peeled it up before it had time to start drying.

Once they were all dry, I did some experimenting & found that they worked well with ink pads & sprays :)

All in all, it was kind of a pain! lol But I don't like having to wait until I can buy something to do the things I want to do. Sometimes you've got to get a little creative. ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Working in the "Courage" Journal

I've started working in my little courage journal.

The title page, with the definition..

This is the first little page  I've finished.
 The quote is from the movie "Angus" that I've always liked...
And it seemed like a good excuse to draw myself as a superhero! hehe

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Journal

I finished one of the journals I've been working on! :D yay! I am so happy with it!

The light blue on the spine is just masking tape that I painted w/ acrylic paint. I added some silver glitter glue along the edge to keep it from peeling up.. and also just for the sparkles. :)

I have a piece of glitter cardstock in a page protector as the "title page".  I figure once I decide what I'm going to call the journal- I can add some letter stickers to the page protector. 

The inside is mostly cardstock in fun colours- lot pink & blues, teal & green.. 

Pocket pages..

I had these envelopes that were a pretty good match for the cardstock I was using, so I included them as little pockets too.

Fold out pages.

some little plastic pockets for ATCs..

I have a nifty little plastic book cover to protect my drawing on the front :)

It's nice & fat- just how I like my notebooks :)


For the binding I used  Irish waxed linen thread, which I ordered from BeadsToString on etsy.  I loved it- it's easy to work with, and it holds a knot nicely. I also love the colours (I got turquoise & fuschia).

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Calendar

*grumble grumble* too much real world drama lately >.<  

Anyways, it is February now right? So time for a new calendar :)

I did a loose calendar grid & the month with a white Prismacolor pencil (which works almost as well as a crayon for a resist effect & you can get a finer line!) before I made a watercolour rainbow.

After it dried, I added the squares for the days and some hearts in white watercolour & the white Prismacolour pencil again. And some colourful heart stickers I found.  I do wish I had remembered to ink the edges of the squares, but I still like this one a lot. :)

I usually try to stay a few months ahead.. but it is already February & I haven't even started the one for March yet- don't even have an idea in mind. o.O Oh dear. lol