Monday, July 29, 2013

Finished Flip Thru

My last journal is officially retired & I am only working in my Princess journal now.  So I thought I would share some of my favourite pages and do a little flip thru as a way of saying goodbye :) lol

My "travel" page... the left page is an awesome Paris notecard a penpal sent me.. and some other little bits & pieces from happy mail. On the right is a postcard my best friend's mum brought back from Las Vegas.

On the back of the postcard, I've collected all the stamps from mail I've gotten.
And of course- there is my lonely little girl page, which I believe I shared previously, but she is still one of my favourites. :)

A page with quotes from one of my favourite Youtube shows.

The poor little bumble bee girl, wishing for rain!

A pretty page with no real meaning or purpose other than to experiment & use pretty colours!!  (The hand opens up to a pop-up heart)

If you want to see more, here is a flip thru video :)
(fair warning- it is NOT fancy! I have an ancient camera, my hands are shaky & I have an unexpected visitor at one point!)


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Journal Pages

I have been playing with lots of different styles in my new journal :)

The girl on this one was a little drawing experiment.. I wanted to draw something kinda stylized & cutesy. I liked how she came out, so I cut her out & used her on a journal page.

Playing around with cheap stickers & painters tape, using them as masks...

A kind of Kelly Kilmer inspired page...

I got some prints of several of my drawings & did a little scrapbook page of Morbid Little Girl & her Shadow Monster boyfriend!

The Chillingsworth Manor paper pack had these little tickets for things like graveyard tours.. which I thought would be exactly the type of thing a zombie girl & her monster boyfriend would do on a date ;)

Just drawing & lettering in ink... going for a kind of story book feel :)

Simple but pretty page- magazine cut-outs, paint & patterned paper

But I had the most fun making these kind of pages:

Just scraps, stickers, sticker waste & a bit of washi tape collaged together to make a super pretty page! :)

Another one, featuring a lovely ACEO I got from  Jessica Grundy's Etsy shop

Monday, July 1, 2013

July's Calendar: Happy Birthday to Me!

July is my birthday month (and it's actually a major one this year lol) I also have 4 family members who have their birthdays in July. So I wanted to do something fun & festive.

Here's the background before I added the date squares. I drew a fun little amusement park using all my favourite  "happy" colours & painted a clear blue sky.

I rummaged thru my bag of scraps & found all the different shades of pink for the dates.
I really like how it turned out! :) I wish I could spend my b-day at my little carnival >.> lol