Monday, April 29, 2013

Transitioing to a New Journal

I think I've already mentioned it (lol)  but, my little "daybook" journal is getting pretty full.  A date has been set for it's retirement (June).

This is what it looked like when I first started using it:

Pretty right? :) It was my first homemade notebook. ♥

This is what it looks like now.
It's a little beat up.

The edges of the cover are badly frayed (I ended up cutting off most of the corners because of this.) The butterfly "flew away" a few weeks ago- altho I know it's somewhere in my house >.> It has paint splotches on the back (from my not paying attention where I set it down).  And it bears tell tale signs of weekends spent at my bestie's & visits to my gentleman friend's place. I somehow managed to yank the ribbon COMPLETELY off at least twice!. It is also about four times as thick as it was when I started.

It's funny- as soon as I know when I will be switching to a new journal, it's like a floodgate is opened & suddenly I have TONS of things to write about or add to the current one! I have filled up more pages in the past two week than I did in the past two months! This phenomenon happened with at least the last 3 journals.

I have started working on pages in my princess journal. One of my little "rituals" when I start a new journal is to do the "things that make me smile" page & an "all about me" page.  It's a nice, positive way to start off a journal :)

Does anybody else have ways to break in a new journal?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Writing pages

Sorry about the long break between posts. I was having some technical difficulties (like my internet being shut off...)

I have been working on some writing pages. I still really prefer writing on lined or grid paper so I decided to put together  a few pre-made ones that I could just stick in my journal as I go along. lol Basically they are over-sized journaling cards ;)

Some bright grid paper plus fun images from an ad I got in the mail ("sale on Dr. Seuss books!")

This is just a bigger version of the easy-peasy journaling cards.
These are chalky watercolours though.. which do not blend as nicely as my regular Crayolas. Blah :/

This one I DID use what's left of my Crayola watercolours & I like it much better. The circles are made by stamping acrylic pain w/ a lid from a glue stick :)

The painter's tape that I used to mask off the lines still had plenty of sticky left on it when I peeled it up. I stuck it on my old sketchbook so I could reuse it as faux-washi tape.

lol I think the rainbow tape looks better than the page!!

My growing collection of painted tape strips on the back of my sketchbook^

Monday, April 1, 2013

April & Altered Book Backgrounds

Wow, April already? o.O Whoever is fast forwarding thru my year needs to stop it right now!

Anyway, here is March all filled up:

And April all ready to go:

I did my April calendar awhile ago & I didn't like it at first. Then, this week I added the green butterfly & it brightened up the page & now I quite like it :) 

Like I said last month- I can't add any more pages into my little overstuffed notebook so I am trying to work with the ones already in there. I used some of the scraps left over from making the notebook for the squares.


I have also been working on prepping some backgrounds in my altered book journal.  I try to do a few pages whenever I get new paint- that way there will be a nice variety throughout the book :)

lime green acrylic sprayed (with a mini mister) over dried black acrylic

 layered acrylics

bubble wrap + acrylics

acrylics tinted w/ watercolours
For this spread, I mixed dark pink watercolours in with the pastel pink acrylic paint to brighten it up a bit :)

I have a vague idea of keeping this journal for sometime when I will be very busy (say.. the first year I have a FULL TIME teaching job maybe? lol)  That way I will have a book with lots of pretty, ready to go backgrounds (that I still did myself!)

Hope everyone's April is off to a good start!