Monday, October 29, 2012

Clouds, Hearts & Compulsive Doodling


I've been making more notebooks :)

This is the first one I've made that has co-ordinating papers & a theme rather than just a random mix.

Another homemade notebook!!!

I make a simple little watercolour painting for the cover.
The clouds & hearts were inspired by my favourite washi tape.. which I have used all up, sadly.

decorated pocket pages

After I finished the notebook I decided to make some matching journaling cards & stickers to go with it... >.>

And then I decided to do my November calendar...

And some more stickers...

lol I'm wondering, am I the only one who gets these funny little fixations where they want to doodle the same thing over & over?

Last week I did 3 dozen "creepy cute" face stickers... and before that, it was butterflies >.>

If case anyone's interested.. the notebook & matching goodies are for sale here --->Daybook Kit: Clouds & Hearts

and so are the stickers ---> Clouds & Hearts Stickers


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Once upon a time

Once upon a time I drew a creepy little face for a pack of Halloween stickers. 

It was so cute that I had to make a whole pack of creepy, cute faces...
and then another...
and another... 

And then, one day... they started to evolve! o.O  
Slowly at first.. something that could be limbs....  and then arrms & legs & hands & hair & clothing!

Until they developed into a new species of doodles. 

"Why did Death cross the road?" (to get Morbid Little Girl to the other side..)

"Cupcake Massacre"

"Morbid Little Sisters"

"A Bedtime Story"

"Princess of Nowhere"

"Tall, Dark & Handsome"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Parade of Pocket Notebooks

Hi there!
I have several big notebooks that I am working on for awhile now. I think they will be very nice once they're (finally) finished, but in the meantime I just felt like having a COMPLETED project.

So I decided to make some pocket sized notebooks.  I made 7 in a day & a half and now feel very accoomplished! :D lol

Neon Pink Pocket Notebooks
LOVE coloured notebook paper!
stitching in the middle
Notebook for my father's work notes :)
for keeping track of cool stuff!