Monday, July 9, 2012

Homemade Notebook

I made my own notebook!! Thanks to Mimi who challenged us over at Smash*aholics to make our own Amy Tangerine inspired daybooks, I now have a beautiful new book that I made myself  ^.^

I love it :)
However, I think the realization that I can make my own notebooks might be dangerous lol. Now being broke will not stop me from acquiring new notebooks!

If you want to see the rest of the book, check out my video.

If you're interested in making your own, you should really check out Mimi's blog! She's posted several different ideas for binding books ;)
the Scrapinator5000.


  1. Love the book Anne! Really pretty papers. Did you hand sew the binding or machine sew it? I am so glad I inspired you! Isn't it fun to think about all the books you can make?! I love it! Cute blog and well done. :)

  2. thank you! :)
    I don't have a machine so i sewed it by hand.. & then covered it w/ painters tape :)
    and yes it is fun to think of! Now that i've made one it's like a little flood gate opened in my brain and I have all these ideas for new books i can make! lol

  3. Anne, Your book came out beautiful. As a fellow Mimi "monster" I too loved her binding information on her blog. She really inspired me with some great ideas on there. Tomorrow, I am going to try the hand stitched binding. So far I have only done ribbons. My cinch came today, so I know I will be off making journals soon, but I do want to try a few more of these pretty day books. Great Blog too btw.
    ~Anne (the "e" is silent LMAO)

  4. OOps, I forgot to say, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the paper you chose for your book. !!! The butterflies are so pretty. :)

  5. Ooh i am envious of your cinch!! :) lol if i had one i'd probably never do anything but make journals tho!

    The butterfly paper is my favourite :)