Friday, September 21, 2012

Evolution of a Page

Yay, I"m back, did ya miss me?
The craziest thing happened... I ran out of paint! o.O My watercolours lasted less than a month (altho, in my defence they were only a wee little 8 colour set). Evidently I've already developed a serious addiction to painting, since I went thru some serious withdrawals during the 2 weeks it took me to acquire new paints.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled program. A few of my Smash*y friends were asking me how I think of ideas for my pages. It was hard to explain because I don't tend to do whole pages at once. My notebooks/daybooks/smashbooks evolved from journals, which I think are probably different from these same type of books that are made by scrapbookers.  I don't (usually) plan ahead or think of layouts, the pages just kind of develop as I go along.

So, I decided to try & document a page as I went along :) From start to finish, I believe it took about a month.

This page started with a mistake. I was trying to do this cute, little project I had seen on Pinterest with two hands making a heart in the middle. Except my thumb was in the wrong position so I ended up with a triangle >,<

So I went ahead & painted the hand I had already cut out & found a blank page in my Smash*book for it.

"I want to 'seize the day' but usually I settle for surviving it"... is something I had written in an earlier journal entry & it still resonated with me months later when I was flipping thru, so I wrote it here.

"Surviving" was also a mistake (cool things come from accidents!)  I misspelled it so I tore off a piece of coffee stained paper to cover it.. I like it, it emphasizes the word

The girl is inspired by the chapter illustrations from the book Ghostgirl.

I was watching Mona the Vampire, which made me think of the Beetlejuice cartoon I watched when I was younger. I was also looking at The Scribble Project & somebody had drawn cute little worms peeking out of holes. I decided I wanted to draw worms, but cuz I was thinking of  Beetlejuice they became sand worms!  I also added a little sandworm as a divided under a piece of journalling.

In the Ghostgirl illustrations, there is a little crow that keeps her compnay. I thought it would be fun to have the crow being scared by the sandworm. :)

I liked the idea of having things perched on my fingers, so I added another crow & a spider

I received a very nice comment from the other Anne (hehe), one of the lovely & talented ladies over at This Blog Made Possible by Coffee :D

To emphasize how much I loved the comment, I cut out a heart from some scratch paper I had used to practice mixing watercolours to get pink (red + purple + tiny bit of yellow, in case you were curious!)

Under another sandworm divider, I recorded a conversation with my handsome friend regarding the harsh reality of evil zombie kittens o.O beware!! beware!!!

And voila! a finished page :)

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