Thursday, November 1, 2012

Starry Night Notebook

Ta-da! Another notebook! lol isn't it prettiful? :D

It's another one that is made out of a Hamburger Helper box (I just think they have good dimensions for books!). However, instead of covering this one with paper, I just painted the box itself.

The outside cover is painted with blue acrylic & then Yasutomo shimmery watercolours over it.

(The Yasutomo watercolours were sent to me by a wonderful Crafty Fairy Godmother! )

The closure is made from salvaged bits of chain from broken necklaces fed thru an eyelet. 

jump ring to act as a stopper
I got this idea for the closure from one of Kathy Orta's videos.

inside front cover
On the inside covers, I used leftover paper scraps (from making the pages) which I painted with Crayola watercolours with a bit of the shimmery Yasutomos over them. I used something like 5 shades of blue but the effect is very pretty!

I made a little library card style pocket out of some leftover cardstock (lots of recycling going on in this notebook!)

back inside cover... soo sparkly! O.O
side view

There are 3 signatures that are stitched into the the book. The outside of each signature is blue cardstock with white, mixed-media paper in the middles.

I drew little shimmery star designs on the first page of each signature.

I'm really happy with how this one came out (no pages stitched in upside down!!! First time ever!)

I think I am probably going put it up for sale in my Etsy shop... since I am rich in notebooks, but poor in cash.  Altho, if nobody ends up buying it, I'm sure I can find some use for it ;) hehe


  1. I love it Anne. You did a fabulous job as usual. The binding is great and the closure is perfect. Great recycle idea too with the box. Oh and I just love how you color things.

  2. Love it!! I love blue tones and you used a very beautiful binding for this notebook! Enjoy it!! Big hug from Spain! :-)