Monday, May 6, 2013

I've got the month of May...

May already??? sheesh

 April all filled out-

and May ready to go!

I ended up re-doing the title several times until I was happy.

Next month will be in my new journal and I can do BIG calendar spreads again!! :D Yay!

Most of the little images you guys see on my finished calendars are Korean "diary deco" stickers. They are adorable and I wish I could claim credit for them- but they are stickers.

My favourite has been "My little friend" by Pony Brown.

Altho, recently I found "Bonnie Series" by Wannathis.

I like her because I think she looks like me! She's got crazy long wavy brown hair same as I do.

I find my stickers on Ebay or Etsy. Just search for "diary deco" and you will find a bunch. 

They are made for Filofax type planners I believe, so they work well for calendars. In fact, they are partly why I started making calendars in the first place... >.> And then I found The Kathryn Wheel and my calendars got fancy!


  1. Those cute little stickers add so much extra character. Your calendars are great! I really love your circles for May.

  2. Lovely stickers, you never get to old for stickers me thinks. :-)

  3. OMG, I just found a new addiction! NOOOOOO! Deco diary stickers - here I come ! (ps - the little character DOES look like you! LOL)

  4. Hi Anne (with an e LOL), thanks so much for visiting my blog and becoming my follower. Love your calendar pages, and have been checking out the rest of your blog too. Love your artwork so I have become a follower. I see you are an art journal / diary girl too. I started out with one, but in meanwhile I now have 3, and an old English / Dutch dictionary that I'm altering for the Craft Barn dictionary challenge, hehe. I seem to have developed a little addiction LOL! But keep your eyes on my blog, because I will be posting a candy shortly, and amongst other stuff there will be an art journal in it! Hugs, Frea