Sunday, October 20, 2013


One of the things I like about doing the calendar challenge is that even those months when everything is CRAZY, you will still have completed SOMETHING. :) Sometimes weeks go by where the only pages that I touched were the calendar pages.
It also means I have to blog at least once a month to share them! :)

I had my October finished on time, but evidently I forgot to take a pic before I started filling it in... >.> hmm....

The background is black & charcoal paint applied with a babywipe over coloured cardstock.
When I made this journal I used a whole pack of bright cardstock.. which I unfortunately got sick of about halfway thru (I'm fickle like that). I like just the little bit of colour showing thru the black however. :)

This is a little ink & water doodle I did after drooling over Daniel Torrente's stamps all day.

Notice the missing 26th? Yeah? It disappeared somewhere between the cutting & glueing... I'm still hoping it turns up lol

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