Saturday, June 9, 2012

Anne's Notebooks, Part 1

These are my notebooks (the ones that have been written in at least).

The only one I don't still have is the very first one which my sister bought me in 5th grade. She got herself one with a kitten on the cover & one for me which had a puppy.  Ever since, I've HAD to have a notebook. It is a necessity. It is my brain on paper, it is how I process my thoughts & remember experiences and (because my notebooks have always been read) how I communicate.

A friend of mine dubbed my notebooks "The Anne Chronicles", which I like. :) So here are The Anne Chronicles (in chronological order!)

Early Notebooks

After I filled up my very first notebook, I went searching for another one. I found the little mint coloured diary in a box in our garage. At first I thought the cover was not cool enough for my awesome 13 year old self & hid it with a bunch of neon stickers. After a few months tho, I changed my mind & tried to peel them off.

When that one was almost full I explained to my mom that I just HAD to have a notebook to write in & she got me the Winnie the Pooh one. :)

Pooh title page..
the early notebooks had warnings about not reading without permission.. my friends & sisters were allowed to read (and even write in) them... but NOT my parents & brothers lol

High School
The Footprints was also a gift from my mum & is one of my favourites. One reason is that it is from my Sophomore & Junior years of high school where were a fairly happy time. Also, while I had this notebook I acquired quite a few nice pens, a book on lettering and received a HUGE gift set of stickers. So it has some very pretty pages.

18th birthday

The next one, little one beside it, is my least favourite. The notebook was part of a stationary set, and was not bound well. It started falling apart when it was about half full & it also was not a nice time period in my life when I was writing in that little book.

notebooks from my early 20s 
These are my notebooks from the time I was about 19-22. The only one that was filled is the tiny one in the left corner. The other ones were abandoned. I learned that I cannot write in regular, cheapy spiral bound notebooks & that blank, white pages make my mind go blank! I ended up ripping the pages out of the blank notebook & using it to make a homemade Smash*book for my mother. Which is why it's now just a pack of stapled paper.  After trying to write in the dragon journal, I ended up keeping an online diary for awhile. I also spent more time drawing & less time writing.

mid-late 20s

I bought the first Victoria Frances journal  because we were required to keep a journal for my writing class. So the first half of the notebook was that assignment, which changed the way I wrote. After that, I wrote less about my daily activities and my notebooks became more of a writer's notebook than a journal.

Current notebook
Smash* title page

My current notebook is the "pretty style" Smash*book. I had originally wanted to get another Victoria Frances journal.. but I couldn't find it. I ended up getting the Smash*book because I liked the fact that it had decorated pages, and different pages rather than the same design over and over. However, because I had such a hard time finding a new notebook before settling on the Smash*book... I started buying and hoarding notebooks for future use.. >.>

But that's a story for another day!

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