Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wall

I am a paper addict and I LOVE the scrapbooking aisles at stores! Visions of pretty paper & alphabet stickers & coloured pens dance thru my head at night. But I never really got into the actual scrapbooking. I do have two lovely 12x12 albums.. with a few finished pages in each... but they've languished in my closet for years now.  When I'd get photos back from birthdays or other fun times, I would always briefly contemplate doing a page for them in one of my scrapbooks.. but they always seemed to end up stuck in my journal or pinned to my bulletin board instead. Finally, I had to admit that I wasn't going to be pulling out those albums anytime soon. And I decided to do something else with my hoarded scrapbooking goodies.


The Wall


I put up some 12x12 pages that matched my room colours & printed out some of my favourite pictures of my friends on regular printing paper (because then there's no glare.. and it's not a big deal if they fade a bit..).

I used my sparkling alphabet stickers to spell out the names of my friends... and found a place for some of the dimensional butterfly stickers that always seem to want to come home with me..

 It's easily my favourite spot in my room now. And I actually DO work on it.. cuz it's always right there in plain sight. :)