Thursday, December 13, 2012

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Journaling Cards

 (an affinity for cutesy rhyming phrases is one of the side effects of having majored in k-12 education lol)

This is one of my favourite ways to make journaling cards & it's super easy.  You just need painter's tape & paper. I used "mixed media" paper for this batch- but I've used card stock & drawing paper before.

My handwriting tends to be pretty small, so I cut my strips of tape into fourths to make more narrow lines.

On some of them I used a white prismacolor to draw little hearts & swirls in the spaces between the lines.

I painted the backgrounds with my watercolours. I like the look of watercolours better but you can also use acrylics.

Once they're dry, I just peel off the tape & ink the edges (I ink the edges of almost everything I make lol. I just think they look more "finished" that way)

I used way too much water on this one so it seeped under the edges of the tape. Luckily I like the messy, paint splattery look ;)

I like these cards because I can use any of my pens-  including ones which wouldn't usually write over painted backgrounds :)


  1. Hi Anne! I noticed you commenting on a few of the same blogs as I was, so I thought I would come by and say hello. I like these journaling cards! They would look great in an art journal. (By the way, my mother is also Anne-with-an-e, and so that is my daughter's middle name as well!)

    1. Hi! lol Yeah, I do lurk around a lot of crafty & journaling blogs ;)
      It's funny- I've only ever met one other Anne with an e in real life!
      Thanks for stopping by! :)