Sunday, March 3, 2013


I had a little problem with my calendar for this month.

See, what I have been doing is making my calendars on separate sheets of paper & then adding them into my notebook. Usually by folding them in half & taping them into the binding.

But over time I have added A LOT of pages this way, and the poor little book is getting overstuffed. I am only a little bit more than half way thru it, & the pages towards the back are starting to roll under. So I need to knock that off.

None of the 2 page spreads I had already bound in the book would have worked very well for the calendar. what I ended up doing was a little single page calendar, about half the size of my others.

I started out with a watercolour rainbow again. Altho, this one is a TRUE rainbow- with primary colours & everything lol.  I inked the edges with a black ink pad, but I wanted a sharper contrast between the colours & the black.. So I went over the edges again w/ some glossy black acrylic, & added some paint splatters as well.

I did the word "March" using my improvised stencils :)

The squares about about half as big as my usually ones, and I still had to re-arrange them several times to get them all to fit >.>

I highlighted the dates for each week w/ a different colour. The rows didn't really line up, so the colours help me keep them straight (I hate when I end up writing on the wrong square!)

Despite the fact that it is a mini calendar, I ended up quite liking it except for one teensy little thing...


I use my online calendar as a guide when I make these, and somehow I didn't notice that it was set so the weeks start on Sunday.  I ALWAYS set it to start on Mondays.. I hate having my weekends wrap around. >.<   bah!

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  1. The colors are so vibrant, I absolutely love it.