Friday, March 22, 2013

A Page & a Paper Doll

I was looking thru old magazines & found this image of a little girl pouting. She was just adorable. This grungy blue page had been left untouched in my journal because I liked it too much to use for anything (one of the hazards of using pretty paper!).  So I'm glad I finally used it!  I wrote the words using my left hand (I'm right handed) so that the handwriting would look like a little kids. I know it's not very fancy, but it is one of my favourite pages :)

I've had a sudden "art craving" lately- does anyone  else get those? lol I've been wanting to make dolls... paper dolls & art dolls & ragdolls & little stuffed monster plushies! It's not  something I've really done much. When I was about 10 I used to make little 3-D paper houses & two sided paper dolls. I don't remember how to do the houes... but the dolls were pretty simple.

Ta-da! The first paper doll I've made in a long while!
Her dress is made from scraps of patterned & drawing paper & a ribbon for the sash. Her body is recycled  pages I tore out of my altered book journal.


lol I remember that my classmates thought it was very odd that my paper dolls had two sides... 

I think she is quite pretty & have named her Allie :)


  1. Nice idea on the left hand writing and I love the paper doll.

  2. I LOVE the doll!! What a great idea. The little girl reminds me of my daughter when she was little. Too sweet :) I know what you mean about pretty pages.....I don't like covering them up either. I like what you did to still show so much of the blue. Great idea!!!

  3. Oh my word the memories of paper doll making as a kid! Lol I had a shoe box full of paper dolls and a array of removable outfits, shoes, you name it. Lol Fantastic creations you've made in this blog post! Thanks for sharing :) . Xo Iesha Haas, from Newfoundland Canada