Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Calendar & Art Purchases

A new month & the first calendar in my new journal! 

Ooh it is nice being able to do full two-page spreads again. I decided to make a fun cityscape for June.

I also bought a few little art prints this past month. This first one is by Zindy Nielsen- an amazing artist I've followed for years. 

I got a greeting card print because I figure I can use it for a bit of hidden journaling on a spread (and because they were on sale hehe)

And I got a couple of ACEOs from Jessica Grundy's etsy shop

 When I first saw this one, I thought it would be perfect for my reading page!

 And of course- I had to get the bumble bee girl.

She threw in an extra ACEO card as well- this one of a little girl with her pet angler fish ( "My Fishy Friend"). I put her in the pocket next to my zombie girl... seemed fitting since they share an affinity for monstrous pets ;)

She also sent me a  notecard that has Ripley and a little alien.

Aren't they cute? :)


  1. Oh great calendar! Love the cityscape. It just pops on those background colors too.

  2. Very clever idea for your calendar! Lots of fun!

  3. Love your calendar, that cityscape looks great. Hugs Frea

  4. LOVE your cityscape calendar!! and what gorgeous pieces of art you have acquired too.

  5. Great background - love the idea of day and night.