Monday, June 24, 2013

Small Spooky Book

I am still working on my big, Halloweeny journal >.>   And in the process I have accumulated a lot of spooky scraps & several pages that I had doubles of. So rather than waste them, I decided to make another, smaller journal out of them.

I put a thin layer of gesso over the 2 pieces of cardboard that were going to be the cover.  Then using an old credit card, I scraped across grey & black acrylic paint so that there were all three layers showing thru. It made a nice textured effect that I like a lot :)

The two pieces of cardboard were slightly different widths. I was going to trim the wider one, but instead decided to use alternating black & white tabbed pages to fill the space :)

The saying is from a Halloween paper pack. It orginally said "A Night Filled with Fright.. etc etc" but I trimmed off the first part so that it now refers to the contents of the book! :)

Here are some of the fun pages inside:

This one is an illustration from one of the A Series of Unfortunate Events books..  The arch behind the girl reads "memento mori" so I thought it would be appropriate. 

And a pocket made from the envelope my Walgreens photo prints came in :)

This book is for sale in my Etsy if anyone's interested. 

Now I just have to finish this books "big brother" lol 

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