Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Journal

I finished one of the journals I've been working on! :D yay! I am so happy with it!

The light blue on the spine is just masking tape that I painted w/ acrylic paint. I added some silver glitter glue along the edge to keep it from peeling up.. and also just for the sparkles. :)

I have a piece of glitter cardstock in a page protector as the "title page".  I figure once I decide what I'm going to call the journal- I can add some letter stickers to the page protector. 

The inside is mostly cardstock in fun colours- lot pink & blues, teal & green.. 

Pocket pages..

I had these envelopes that were a pretty good match for the cardstock I was using, so I included them as little pockets too.

Fold out pages.

some little plastic pockets for ATCs..

I have a nifty little plastic book cover to protect my drawing on the front :)

It's nice & fat- just how I like my notebooks :)

For the binding I used  Irish waxed linen thread, which I ordered from BeadsToString on etsy.  I loved it- it's easy to work with, and it holds a knot nicely. I also love the colours (I got turquoise & fuschia).

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