Saturday, April 13, 2013

Writing pages

Sorry about the long break between posts. I was having some technical difficulties (like my internet being shut off...)

I have been working on some writing pages. I still really prefer writing on lined or grid paper so I decided to put together  a few pre-made ones that I could just stick in my journal as I go along. lol Basically they are over-sized journaling cards ;)

Some bright grid paper plus fun images from an ad I got in the mail ("sale on Dr. Seuss books!")

This is just a bigger version of the easy-peasy journaling cards.
These are chalky watercolours though.. which do not blend as nicely as my regular Crayolas. Blah :/

This one I DID use what's left of my Crayola watercolours & I like it much better. The circles are made by stamping acrylic pain w/ a lid from a glue stick :)

The painter's tape that I used to mask off the lines still had plenty of sticky left on it when I peeled it up. I stuck it on my old sketchbook so I could reuse it as faux-washi tape.

lol I think the rainbow tape looks better than the page!!

My growing collection of painted tape strips on the back of my sketchbook^


  1. Nice! I especially like the brightly coloured ones with the white spaces on them. Lovely!

  2. Hi Scrappy Sweetpea,
    I have just found your blog via Jennibelle's blog post 'Tell All Tuesday'. I love your idea to put down pieces of masking tape before colourising a background. WHat super way of making bright exciting journal pages. I'm off now to read more of your great posts. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.
    Warmest best wishes from across the miles here in France.