Sunday, August 4, 2013


It's that time again! :)
My July calendar all filled in:

And rere is my calendar for August ready to go!

There is a lot of different ideas pulled from various places.. Originally I wanted these label stickers from October Afternoon's 9 to 5 collection.. or some "back to school" themed paper (since I am a substitute teacher & the school year starts up in August). I couldn't manage to get ahold of either of those however, but I incorporated some of the elements I liked. The colour scheme is pulled from the 9 to 5 (i never would have thought of using the orange!) as well as the type-writter & the clock. And I have the ABC, 123 school theme :)

I really like Kate Crane's layered, textured background & wanted to do one like that... except I don't have Dylusions or stencil's or anything, so I did a lot of experimenting!

The first layer is some black acrylic swiped on w/ a credit card. I used some cheap alpha stickers I don't like much, as well as the left-over negative space as stencils & masks. (If you stick it to something like a tee-shirt first it makes it less sticky & repositionable so it won't tear your paper)

Next layer: watercolours in various blue/green shades!

Some stamping using acrylics & random objects: pencil erasers, glue-stick lids & empty tape rolls.

And lastly, some stamping using my make-shift stencils.


  1. I like how inventive you are with your pages. I also don't have all those supplies, tools, masks, etc, so your August layout intrigued me. Very nicely done. I also read through your July pages. Love how you doodled your way through the month, even though there seemed to be some heavy moments.

  2. I wanted to tell you I love your calendar idea. My niece is visiting me for two weeks and am going to use this format to remember everything we do. To see the start of my calendar page please go here...

    I love your pages and your characters!